Nope, this isn’t relationship advice. This is an article on how to be a better EMT partner. 

Read along to see how you can make your and your partner’s life easier. Are you ready?

  1. Be willing to teach without an air of superiority.

Micro-managing isn’t the way to go. Nobody wants to work with a know-it-all who doesn’t hear anything but themselves speak. If you’d like to teach your partner something, reassure them you’ve been a beginner once and had to learn the ropes. Make them feel like they can come to you with any questions and remind them that a stupid question doesn’t exist. Always lead by example! 

2. Be a good person. 

Being kind to your partner is one of the most important things you can do during your day. Their day is already tough as it is, so cut them some slack, will ya? Treat them with respect— that means avoiding personal topics if you must.  Always have cool demeanor, a sense of humor and be kind to your patients to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe. 

3. Don’t be too chatty.

Some people are talkers and some aren’t. Respect your partners space by holding time for silence and taking a breather to get through calls. Introverts get overwhelmed by nonstop chatter so save your life story for your nighttime journal entry. 

4. Optional: Share Snacks 

Take care of your people by sharing your snacks. Get to know their allergies and food sensitivities before picking up their favorite gas station treat or order at Starbucks. 

Okay, was that easy enough? There’s no excuse to give your partner a hard time at work today. You can decide to be an amazing coworker today!