Sleep. Five little letters that mean so much. It’s a non-negotiable if you’re an EMT.  Without proper rest, the long shifts along with the heavy mental and physical load would be utterly overwhelming. 

In this blog, we’ll be cozying up to the idea of a long night’s rest and learning how important it is for any EMT professional. 

Sleep and It’s Wonders

Rest is an essential activity, not an optional one. Research suggests you need to get at least 8 hours of restful sleep per night (though we won’t judge you if you absolutely need double digit recovery time). Lack of sleep is associated with higher stress levels, ineffective judgement, and higher disease rate. If you want to be successful, planning for sleep is completely mandatory. 

Why EMTs Need Plenty of Sleep 

Because of the demanding nature of all EMS professions, proper sleep is required. Not only do you have to be on-time and present for the job, you have to be mentally and physically alert to all dangers and safety concerns for you, your partner, and your patients. Not getting enough sleep as an EMT is like playing Russian Roulette— someone is bound to get hurt if you’re not prepared.  

Tips on having the best rest for optimal EMT performance;

1. Turn off all electronic devices two hours before bed. 

This is a hard one but it does wonders for sleep. Stay away from harmful blue-light that is designed to fast wire the brain and distract the mind from relaxation. 

2. If you’re a snorer, make time for a little song on the shift. 

Research suggests singing, circular breathing, and jamming out with a wing instrument can help you stop snoring and give you better sleep. There’s always time to serenade your partner with the best song your pipes have to offer. 

3. ​Make a mental note of your energy levels, everyday.

After every shift ask yourself, “How does my body feel right now?” “How is my mind feeling?” Keeping track of your fatigue levels helps to avoid unexpected fatigue or burnout. 

Thanks for following along, readers. Be sure to hit the hay for as long as you need tonight!